What We Do at Woodhill Development

At Woodhill Development, we specialize in developing multi-family residential properties. From conceptualization to construction to selling the finished product, our team executes all stages of property development efficiently and professionally.

With decades of experience and an eye for a great opportunity, Woodhill Development aims to create family-friendly living spaces in every neighbourhood. Our expertise as developers lies in our ability to turn ideas into coveted real estate.

What we do ranges from project to project, but for most multi-family residential developments, our development process goes as follows:

  • Scouting & Acquiring Land
  • Financing
  • Design & Planning
  • Obtaining Permits
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Construction
  • Inspections & Approvals
  • Renting & Selling

Our expertise within the BC real estate sector and our understanding of the complexities of local governments help us expedite the process and get developments starting sooner than later.

The entire team at Woodhill Development is driven to provide quality homes and enrich communities throughout Greater Vancouver. We often take undeveloped and uninhabited plots of land and turn them into sought-after multi-family residences.

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With a passion for multi-family residential developments and a commitment to local communities, our team is here to cultivate the next generation of family-friendly living in Vancouver. We recognize the significance of our role as a home developer and our team takes pride in providing exceptional results.

We are open to working with investors and property owners that are looking for an experienced developer. From start to finish, we provide ongoing communication with all parties involved in the project to ensure compliance with requirements and deadlines.

When it comes to multi-family residential property development, Woodhill Development should be the first name that comes to mind. If you have any questions about our team, past work, or a potential project idea, contact us today.